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[2022] Guardian Bee Case Study – Google Max Performance Campaigns

How Murray Marketing Team helped a Beekeeping Gear company create a buzz by using a custom Google ads strategy. We generated a ROAS of 5.39!

Targeting Beekeepers across the country was a something we had never done before, but Murray Marketing Team used Google Max Performance campaigns and found this was the sweet solution to sell out of bee suits.  

Google Max Performance Campaigns


Return on Ad Spend
$ 0
Total Revenue
$ 0
Cost per Conversion
Total Clicks

Client Overview


GuardianBee, founded in 2016, is a company created by a beekeeper, for beekeepers. After an incident of near heat stroke in a difficult-to-remove beekeeping suit that lacked ventilation; the founder decided to create something better. With a single goal to provide safe and breathable protective gear to prevent overheating, Guardian Bee’s innovative gear sold itself once Murray Marketing Team was able to show it to the right professional and hobby beekeepers. The gear has technology to keep its suits lightweight, breathable and easy to unzip for access to the face to stay hydrated. Seems like a ‘no-brainer’ design, but GuardianBee is a trailblazer in the industry and innovative improvements and research are ongoing. 

Google Max Performance Campaigns

Google Max performance campaign strategy and Highlights

Our Google Ads strategy started by testing out several different campaigns: Google search and Google shopping campaigns as well as Google Max Performance campaigns. We were especially excited to see how the Google Max performance campaigns performed as they have the unique ability to create custom audience segments and filter the ads based on competitors. Because of this, when set up correctly, these campaigns have the ability to teach Google who our ideal customer is. This campaign performed extremely well for GuardianBee, so well that there were a couple times when the client reached out and asked us to turn off the ads because he was running out of product! Bummer! But we love a good problem like that! 

Google Max Performance Campaigns

incredible rOAS

The return on ad spend (ROAS) was 5.39 as shown in the yellow in the graph to the left. We profited over 5xs the amount spent on ads. 

The downward slope followed by the flat line in the middle of the  chart indicates the time the client asked us to turn the ads down then turn them off completely to allow time to restock. It took a little bit to grow the momentum once the ads were turned back on. 

Total Revenue of the campaigns

turn your attention to the red line in the chart to the right

The total revenue of the campaigns for Guardian Bee is $104k and counting. This campaign only cost $21k. The total number of clicks is also an impressive metric. 24.3k interested beekeepers found our page! That’s some good targeting!

Google Max Performance Campaigns
Google Max Performance Campaigns

Cost per conversion

The red line in the graph to the left indicates the cost we spent on ads per every conversion made.

The cost per conversion since January 17th, 2022 until June 6th, 2022 is $34.23. The average purchase price is $280. How about those margins!

Google Max Performance Campaigns

A buzz is what the client needed and a buzz is what we provided thanks to our custom Google Ads strategy. Murray Marketing Team and Guardian Bee were able to provide safety and comfort to beekeepers all over the US, and we are honored to have played a role in this impact. The client was thrilled with the results of the past couple months and has plans to increase ad spend as more product is being made made. Here are some highlights of our efforts: 


  • 5.39 ROAS 
  • Cost per conversion- $34.23. The average purchase price is $280
  • Total revenue from ads: $104k

Google Ads Strategy- campaign types

Below are outlined some of the standard Google ads we run at Murray marketing team. We understand every business has unique needs. That is why we believe it is important to create custom marketing plans for every client in order to optomize budget and reach your target audience where they’re at. 

Google Max Performance Ads

We give google the correct information, key words, headlines etc. to learn your exact audience and place your ads in the best locations.

Google Search Ads

Find the users with highest intent. Show up in front of people who are already interested in what you offer.

Google Shopping Ads

Give your ideal consumer easy access to purchase your product or service.

Google Display Ads

show up on the pages your audience is already looking at

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