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[2022] Life Devo Case Study – Facebook Ads Strategy

How Murray marketing Team crafted a facebook ads strategy to drastically increase sales of devotional book.

Leveraging a well executed Facebook Ads strategy, the founder of  Life Devo was thrilled to see his passion project in the hands of so many new readers. Here’s how we helped. 

facebook ads strategy


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client overview- Life Devo. a passion project looking to create a difference in its market.

The author of Life Devo created the devotional books he, himself had been looking for. He had read many devotional books that lacked practical application and left him feeling confused. So, he decided to make his own and discovered many people had been experiencing the same frustration as him. These books could make a difference. He just needed to get them in front of the right people. 

He created 4 different devotional books. Each of the 4 books are curated for each season of the year because, much like seasons, there is a natural ebb and flow to life. Each book has a separate theme corresponding with the season (spring=new life and change etc). 

We were excited to partner with this client to fill a need and support a great cause. Check out the ways we were able to get this book in more hands and create brand awareness! 

Marketing strategy

Our marketing strategy utilized Meta platforms only (Facebook and Instagram) as this is where our target audience was. Our Facebook ads strategy began with testing several different creatives to see which ones performed best on these platforms. Our interest targeting performed incredibly well as we were targeting those interested in Christian books, motivational content as well as those in Facebook groups within the Christian niche. 

We targeted top of the funnel on Facebook based on interest in the niche, then retargeted based on the website page visit. This increased both brand awareness and sales for Life Devo. 

Another tactic that worked incredible well was simply adding positive Google reviews to the product pages on the website. After we made this adjustment, the data was astounding. Almost 95% of the people who purchased devotionals first clicked on the reviews we had posted. These reviews played a pivotal role in the success of this campaign. 


facebook ads strategy

increase in website traffic

This chart illustrates Life Devo’s website traffic over time. Since starting to work with Murray Marketing and implementing our Facebook Ads strategy, there was a substantial increase in website visitors. This means, more people know about the brand and more people have become customers!

Sales began to soar

This chart illustrates the increase in sales since our marketing efforts began. Our ads brought in a total revenue of $32,484.11. The client was beyond thrilled and struggled to keep up with the packing and shipping of orders. 

facebook ads strategy
facebook ads strategy

Huge increase in units sold

We sold, in total, 1,350 total units over the course of these campaigns. This graphic shows a breakdown of the products sold by popularity of each product. What is exciting to see is that if someone wanted a devotional book, they were most likely to buy the bundle of all 4, one for every season of the year, not just one individual book.

This is an example of one of the reviews featured on the product pages of the Life Devo’s website. This is a raving 5 star review with a picture of the customer who purchased and loved the books and the cause! This is such an asset to have on any product or services website. People are much more likely to purchase from another person who shares a recommendation than they are an ad. 


Our Facebook Ads Strategy paid off immediately for Life Devo. We found our target audience through interest campaigns and Facebook groups and retargeted accordingly. We also leveraged the great reviews the books received to aid in the purchase decision process and almost all of the purchasers looked at the Google reviews before purchased. We were excited to partner with Life Devo and make the dream of sharing this book with over 1,000 people a reality. The client is beyond excited and has plans to expand marketing efforts with MMT in the coming months. Since working with Murray Marketing Team, Life Devo has seen: 

A ROAS of 2.2% (Generated revenue that totaled over double the ad spend)

1,350 units sold 

17,003 new website visitors 

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facebook ads strategy
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