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[2022] Live Chair Health Case Study – Google Ads Call Extension Strategy

How a HealthCare company found their key demographic through Google Call Extension ads

Google call extension ads were the silver bullet for the success of this campaign. Success was extra sweet for this client in particular. We know we were changing lives for the better and fighting a healthcare disparity with every lead we brought in.

Google call extension ads 2022


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Average CTR over 2 months
Phone calls/day​ on average
New Leads
Total Impressions

Client overview- Live Chair Health. a company driven to create change and equality within the health care industry.

Live Chair Health was a project started years ago that grew in fervor following the death of the founder’s father h in 2020. The founder had the idea to address health needs for African Americans by meeting them at a place they frequent and feel comfortable: the barber shop.

Live Chair Health is a business anchored in one mission: to save the lives of African Americans who are disproportionately and often fatally affected by chronic illnesses. They have partnered with barber shops and salons, equipping hair professionals with the tools and knowledge to provide health screening for clients when they come in for their regular visits. Live Chair Health’s partners are located primarily in Maryland with plans to expand nationally. They also partner with Amerigroup and offer to assist Amerigroup members to assist in finding a primary care physician to fits their needs. 

Impact and social change have been an anthem of the past couple years. We were excited to work with Live Chair Health to amplify their voice, raise awareness and begin to close the gap that exists for African Americans when it comes to receiving health care. Here’s how we found the audience that could benefit the most from this mission using Google call extension ads. 

Marketing Strategy and some highlights

Our initial marketing approach consisted of our campaigns generating leads by driving clicks to the business landing page to fill out a form. Through the testing of multiple Google extensions, we quickly realized Google call extension ads would be the most effective for the target demographic. Most of the end users were a part of a lower income population where computers and smartphones were more difficult to access or shared between several people. Because of this, they would be more apt to call than download an app or fill out an online form. The game changer for the campaign was Google call extension ads as illustrated below. 

Google Max performance campaigns live chair health

Call leads

The red line in the graph to the left illustrates the call leads our campaigns brought in over the course of 2 months. 

The big spike in the middle of the graph indicates the moment we turned on Google call extension ads (making the calls the conversion we began to track), before that moment, we had been driving clicks to a landing page on our website. Once we made that adjustment, there was a large turning point in the number of conversions. 

We totaled 240 lead calls through our Google call extension ads over the course of 2 months. The client had a hard time keeping up with all the phone calls and even had to hire and train new people to field the calls!

CTR- Our click through rate far exceded industry standard

The industry standard for google ads click through rate is 2%. 

In this graphic, you can see the click through rates are out of this world with the lowest being 9.67% and the highest being 17.27%. The client was thrilled with these data points, understandably so!

Google Max performance campaigns live chair health

Optimization scores and impressions

We got our optimizations scores to minimum 92.4% and totaled 16,916 impressions. 

The total impressions and how optimal our campaigns were are some other data points the client was absolutely thrilled with. Again, click through rate as compared to the industry standard of 2% is staggering and impressive. 

Google call extension ads live chair health


Call extension ads were the key to reaching Live Chair Health’s target audience and generating the leads they were looking for. Before working with Murray Marketing Team, Live Chair Health struggled to find a way to get in front of their audience and raise brand awareness. Since entrusting us with their marketing efforts, Live Chair health saw…

  • 79% decrease in CPA
  • Average CTR of 10.71% across 2 months
  • 240 new leads over 2 months

With such a great cause and free resources to advance health, it wasn’t hard to generate interest once we were able to get in front of the right people, and Murray Marketing Team was able to make that happen!


Different extensions you can leverage in your Google ads

Google Advertising has several extensions you can leverage to direct your audience to a certain location, page, app etc. Murray Marketing Team will strategize to determine what extensions make the most sense to use for your unique business and audience. Here are some that we used in our marketing efforts for live chair health. 

Callout extensions

Make important information or a call to action clear and clickable in the description when someone searches you!

call extensions

this was where we found success for the live chair health campaigns. make it easy for your audience to call and ask questions by having your phone number as a clickable link!

sitelink Extensions

don't make your consumer search through your entire website to find what they're looking for. make the link you want them to click easy to access.

Lead form extensions

when you come up in google search results, have a form for your audience to fill out without even having to click into your website!

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