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[2022] BySophiaLee Case Study – Ecommerce Google Ads Strategy

How a small business selling college planners Sold out in less than a Month By Leveraging an Ecommerce Google Ads Strategy.

Using an Ecommerce Google Ads strategy crafted by Murray Marketing Team, this small business’s planners sold out completely. Keep reading to learn how! 

ecommerce digital ads strategy


$ 0
Total Revenue
Overal Return on Ad Spend
$ 0
Cost Per Click (CPC)

Client Overview: BySophiaLee

This client created a custom college planner after she was repeatedly disappointed by the quality and layout of the planners she used in college. This is one of the many passion projects she has created and monetized under her brand. The founder wanted to design a planner that contained pages students would actually use such as a page to plan out projects and presentations and hourly time blocks to plan your day from 5am to midnight. 

This client created the perfect college planner. It was ready to fly off the shelves just in time for back to school, they just needed to get the planner in front of the right college-age girls. They came to Murray Marketing Team to do just that. We were excited to work with this business and were thrilled to see the planners sell out in less than a month. 

Keep reading to find out how we leveraged an Ecommerce Google Ads strategy to generate such rapid success. 


Ecommerce digital ads strategy

Marketing Strategy and Highlights

We used Google Performance Max campaigns alongside search campaigns as our ecommerce Google Ads strategy for this client. It took a couple weeks for the Google Performance Max campaigns to test and optimize our ads, but once they did, the return on ad spend was astronomical. 

We also targeted people in specific income demographics- in particular we targeted females of college age in the top 50% of income. We turned off any unknown traffic. This means the ads only spent on people whose income is confirmed to be in the top 50% of people in the US. 

Additionally, the founder of this brand has quite a large social media presence on both Instagram and TikTok. We took a video of her talking about the planner and showing a brief overview of some of its pages and used it as the creative in our campaigns. We wanted to leverage her brand recognition in as many ways as possible.

Starting Out

This chart illustrates data from first week of the campaign

This data is from the learning phase of the campaign. Murray Marketing Team provided Google with creatives, copy, targeting information and more. Then, through AI automation, Google began testing across all their platforms to find the best locations for our ads depending on each user. This testing period yielded good results, which isn’t always the case.

We spent $854 and made a little over double what we spent. Our average cost per click (CPC) was $0.78.

Finding Our Audience

This chart illlustrates the end of the learning phase- we found our audience and continued to optimize. 

This chart depicts the incredible return on ad spend we achieved at the end of the campaign. We spend $1.51k in ad spend and made over 11.5 times what we spent. We got the cost per click down to only $0.31 for a period. The client was thrilled!

ecommerce google ads strategy

The Entire Campaign

The chart to the right shows the data gathered over the span of the entire campaign 

We ran ads for this client for under a month and yielded incredible results in such a short time. Our entire campaign cost $2.37k and we made $19.5k in profit…that’s a 8.23 return on ad spend! Our cost per click averaged out to $0.40 which was great as well.

Ecommerce digital ads strategy


This small, online business needed a strategy to work with their budget and find users in their target niche. Employing Murray Marketing team and our custom ecommerce Google ads strategy proved to meet both of these needs. Google Performance Max campaigns paired with a well-targeted search campaign helped these college planners sell out in less than a month. Within that month, BySophiaLee saw…

  • $19,500 in total revenue made
  • An 8.23 return on ad spend 
  • $0.40 cost per click  
We were thrilled to work with this business and play a role in the huge success they saw in just one month. We are excited to continue working together when a new shipment comes in! Stay tuned to see how fast the next shipment sells out! 

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