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[2023] RSVLTs case Study

How MMT How MMT scaled an ecommerce business to increase spend by 13% and ALSO increased ROAS by 148%.



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RSVLTs is an ecommerce store that sells shirts and apparel for just about any fandom you can think of. They are the go-to place to shop for all fanatics. They offer themed products ranging from Rick and Morty to Jurassic Park to all things Disney and Star Wars. 

RSVLT’s main struggle before hiring Murray Marketing Team was needing to increase ad spend to keep up with the demand during their busiest season while also maintaining or increasing profitability on the Google Ads platform. They kept trying new features from Google, such as Google Performance Max, but were unable to find success. 

Additionally, RSVLTs wanted to increase the TOF prospecting done by Google. A large share of their conversions were coming from the brand name.

RSVLTS needed an overhaul of quite a few campaigns, and the rest needed to be cleaned up and optimized. Through our recommendations, ecommerce strategy, and optimizations, we were able to increase spend AND increase profitability to an overall ROAS of 8.53, a level of profitability and spend this account had never seen before. 

Key Data

Time frame: Nov 1, 2022- June 28, 2023

compared to

March 6th- October 31st 2022

The Challenge

After doing a preliminary audit of the account, we identified some key factors that were contributing to the account’s challenges. 

  • The Performance MAX Campaign they had launched was a smart shopping campaign converted over to a PMAX campaign. There was little to no content in these campaigns (no videos/ images and not all the copy options were filled out). 
  • All product categories were in one campaign. This makes it difficult to scale  based on the top performing product category and it was also more difficult to control the keywords that received spend based on profitability. 
  • They were not leveraging past customer lists to enhance targeting abilities. 
  • Merchant Center feed was not optimized. 
  • Landing pages were not easy to navigate and did not feature customer reviews/ images/ social content.

The Results

Below is a screenshot of the ad account starting when we took over the account through recently. This is the most profitable the account has ever been, and this is the most amount of money ever being spend in the account as well. 

Our Solution and Strategy

We started out by restructuring the campaigns. We rebuilt the Performance max and maxed out all copy and creative so Google has all the assets possible to optimize around. 

We also built out individual search campaigns based on product categories that allow us to scale into the higher performing campaigns. All the ads in these campaigns were maxxed out with copy that we continually rotate and test in order to have high quality scores and consistent learnings. 

We added in past customer lists to allow Google Ads extra information on the type of consumer it should be targeting.

We created a ‘just shopping’ campaign that shows all products on the Google Shopping Network. 

This company launches new collections 2-3 times a week and has sales and promos periodically throughout the year. For each of these launches and sales, we create structured snippets and extensions so any ad in any of our Google campaigns can drive to the promo or launch. 

We built out new campaigns to run ads in different countries (primarily Australia, Europe and Canada). Previously, all countries were being targeted in the same campaigns and this is not best practice as Google trends and behaviors vary greatly by region and country. We adjusted all tracking, working with their internal development team to place code on the site to accurately track conversions in different currencies. 

We provided recommendations for landing page optimizations to improve the mobile browser experience. The conversion rate on the site increased and the conversion rate from ads to the mobile checkout also increased. 

We also optimized the Google Merchant Center feeds. There were missing attributes for thousands of products that we went through, adjusted and uploaded these into their store. Eliminating these errors helps the algorithm and tells Google, these products are maintained and the consumer will get all the information they need when they see the listing. 

Our team also maintains the campaigns every week. We sift through keywords and negate irrelevant or unprofitable search terms. We add in new audience segments to test and adjust bids every week in order to ensure the campaigns are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Set up some time with me for a free Google Ads Account Audit. I will walk through your account live and share some strategy and recommendations for changes to make to further optimize your Google campaigns. Free of Charge! I look forward to meeting you! 

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