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[2023] Twelve South Case Study- Omnichannel Marketing for Ecommerce

An Apple Accessory Company Found Success with Our OmniChannel Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce. Here’s How We Did it.

An omnichannel marketing approach was the answer! MMT leveraged Google Performance Max, Google Dynamic Search ads, Meta Shop Ads and Standard Meta Campaigns to make 2022 one of the biggest revenue years in Twelve South’s history! 



Google Ads ROAS
+ 0 %
Sales From Google ads (compared to previous year)
+ 0 %
Meta ROAS (Compared to the previous year)
0 %
total revenue attributable to paid ads

Client Overview- How an apple accessory company grew Website sales by 73% year over year!

Twelve South is a provider for Apple accessories. They are listed on Apple’s website and also sell products from their own shopify store. This client creates innovative and intuitive accessories for almost every Apple product on the market. From a stand to hold your Ipad and laptop, to a phone case that looks like a book, Twelve South creates ‘Apple -quality’ gear for your everyday tech nerd. For new Apple product launches, Twelve South has a corresponding accessory launching. This means, the excitements generated around Apple’s new product launches is shared with the corresponding product Twelve South produces

Much like Apple, Twelve South has very loyal customers. 4 out of 10 people who visit their website will come back to make a purchase, at least once, in the next year.

Through Meta shop and standard ads, Google performance Max and Google Dynamic Search campaigns, we were able to create a large paid brand presence across several platforms. By utilizing several platforms, we were able to expand brand awareness and win thousands of sales from new and old customers. Our omnichannel marketing approach worked wonderfully in making this one of the biggest revenue years for Twelve South to date.

Target Audience 


Apple fans are not few and far between, so anyone who owns an Apple product became our first target audience. However, all of Twelve South’s laptop products are compatible with almost all laptops on the market, not just macbooks. This was a separate targeting group we included in order to reach out beyond Apple consumers.  


We also discovered through testing that users who fall in the “Home Automation Enthusiast” or “Audiophile” interest groups are highly likely to have interest in purchasing from Twelve South. These are people who like to have a lot of technology in their home ( automatic lights, cameras, etc) and people who nerd out about all things audio. We are able to use this data shared by our campaigns to further craft copy and creative to reach other audiences.


Strategy/ Goals

Goal: Our Goal As The Digital Advertising Team Was To Make Twelve South’s Ad Dollars Reach As Many New People As Possible To Increase The Size Of Their Customer Base As Well As Generate Sales At A Very High Return. Easy Right?


Strategy/ Solution: Our Strategy Consisted Of An Omnichannel Marketing Approach Including Google Performance Max, Google Search, Google Dynamic Search, Meta Shop Ads And Some Standard Meta Campaigns With Engaging Creative.


Piece Of the Pie

When our team took over this account, we wanted ROAS and revenue generated by ads to improve. We also wanted to improve the percentage of overall revenue paid ads was responsible for. Over the past 4 months, paid ads were responsible for 21.1% of all the sales on the site. This number continued to increase over our 4 months with them and is continuing to rise. 

Google Ads Performance

This graph shows the performance of the Performance Max and Dynamic Search campaigns from August- December. These two campaigns were meticulously crafted so they could scale over time. These are our ‘evergreen’ campaigns for this brand and they performed with a ROAS of 6.49. 

Increasd Sales on the site!

Some other metrics we were paying attention to were orders on the overall site. These increased 27% from Aug- Dec of 2022 compared to the same period from 2021. Paid ads contributed to this alongside other marketing efforts. 


Notable campaign: Meta Shop Ads! 

This campaign generated 419 sales at a ROAS of 2.64!

Meta Shop ads are a great option for Ecommerce businesses. They are easy to set up and require no creative beyond the product images you upload to the ecommerce manager. 


Our strategically scaled omnichannel Marketing approach contributed greatly to the success Twelve South saw in 2022. Google Performance Max ads effectively captured interested users and retargeted them and Meta shop ads filled our funnel and converted thousands of new users. The other campaigns filled in in between! Here are some standout metrics! 

  • Paid ads responsible for 21% of all revenue on the site! 
  • Overall Google ROAS of 5.08 ( an increase of +131.19% since the year prior) 
  • Overall Meta ROAS of 2.05 ( an increase of +118.2% since the year prior) 
  • Total sales from Google ads increased +253.73% since the year prior

Our team cannot wait to expand and see all we can accomplish with the brand in 2023. Stay tuned for an updated case study…the ads are still killing it!

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