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Dynamic Search Ads 2023- When Do They Work?

Why your Ecommerce business Should Run Dynamic Search Ads in 2023 


Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) are a type of advertisement offered by Google that allows businesses to automatically generate ads based on the content of their website. With DSAs, businesses don’t need to create specific ads for individual keywords. Instead, they provide Google with a list of the pages on their website they want to promote. Then, Google will automatically generate ads based on the content of those pages.


How to Set up Dynamic Search Ads


To set up a DSA campaign, start by creating a new campaign in Google Ads and selecting “Dynamic Search Ads” as the campaign type. Next, provide Google with your website URL, and select the pages on their website they want to promote. This can be done by selecting specific pages, sections of the website, or the entire site. Google will then scan the website and generate a list of possible ad headlines and descriptions based on the content of the selected pages.


Once the campaign is set up, Google will begin showing the dynamic search ads to users who search for keywords related to the content of the selected pages. The ads will be displayed in the sponsored results section of the Google search engine results page (SERP). When a user clicks on one of the ads, they will be directed to the corresponding page on the advertiser’s website.


Why You Should Run Dynamic Search Ads  


  1. One main advantages of DSA is that is not very time intensive to create ads for a large number of keywords. Or write individual ads for each keyword. This can save businesses a significant amount of time and effort, as well as help them to reach a larger audience. Additionally, because DSAs are generated automatically based on the content of the website, they are often highly relevant to the user’s search query. This can lead to higher click-through rates and conversion rates.
  2. Another advantage of DSAs is they are particularly useful for businesses that sell a wide variety of products. They are also useful for businesses whose inventory changes frequently. DSAs are generated automatically based on the content of the website. Thus, they can easily adapt to changes in inventory and ensure that the ads being shown are always relevant and up-to-date.
  3. DSAs also offer businesses more flexibility to optimize campaigns. With DSA, businesses can choose to set a target CPA (cost per acquisition) or target ROAS (return on ad spend). This replaces having to set bids for individual keywords.
  4. DSA campaigns allow you to target specific pages on your website. It becomes easy to reach users who are searching for products or services similar to what you sell.
  5. With DSA campaigns, the advertising platform generates ads automatically. This can save time, money and effort compared to manually creating ads for each product or service.
  6. DSA campaigns can help businesses reach customers who are searching for products or services using long-tail or niche phrases. It captures the searches the business may not have thought to target with traditional keywords. 
  7. DSA campaigns can be useful for businesses with large or frequently updating product catalogs. They can be targeted automatically based on the content of the website.
  8. DSA campaigns are known to have better performance than text ads, and can increase the click-through rates, which can lead to more conversions, sales and revenue.

When DSA Campaigns Wont Work…


When you have crappy SEO or your offer is unclear. 


 DSA can make sense for any business or industry, if they do not work, it might be because your website is not set up in a way that allows Google to pull the necessary information to create accurate ads. Before running any Google ads, it is important to ensure that your website’s SEO is optimized, and that the website is easily usable and navigable. The user experience is also extremely important to DSA campaigns. This includes web design and how easy it is for users to find the information they need/ check out/ load speed etc. 


The user experience is becoming increasingly important as a factor in determining how Google and other search engines rank websites. As new technologies, such as GPT-3, become available, search engines will focus even more on how much time users spend on a website and what the bounce rate is.


When a user spends a lot of time on your site, it is an indication the website is easy to navigate. These websites will be more likely to rank higher and have lower costs-per-click (CPCs) for their ads.


If you are planning to run a DSA campaign, it is important to monitor it closely and make regular adjustments. Such as adding exclusions, to keep your campaign showing up for relevant searches. Overall, it is important to make sure your website is set up in a way that makes it easy for Google to pull information for DSA ads. AND that user experience is flawless, in order to be successful with their DSA campaigns.

DSA campaigns can be a game changer and I recommend it for almost every one of my clients. Especially as the world of marketing is shifting toward being more AI automated. 


Before you launch a DSA campaign, MAKE SURE YOUR WEBSITE IS SEO OPTIMIZED. Otherwise, these campaigns will not be effective. Google will not know what your product is and won’t know what searches are relevant to you. 


Schedule a call with me and my team to receive a free SEO audit of your site. We would also love to nerd out with you… I mean talk through how DSA campaigns could benefit your business!


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