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Google Ads Creative. Do these Things!

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Google Ads Creative. Do these Things For Best Results! 

Keep your audience in mind: 


When making Google Ads creative, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your target audience. This can help you create ads that are relevant and appealing to them, and increase the chances of getting a positive response. Consider factors such as the age, interests, and pain points of your target audience, and tailor your ads accordingly. For example, if you’re targeting young professionals, you might create ads that highlight the convenience and ease of use of your product or service.


Emphasize your Unique Value


Every piece of your content should drive home the things that set you apart from competitors. Let your audience know why they should choose you in a compelling and engaging way. 


google ads creative

Use clear, attention-grabbing visuals:


 Visuals are an important part of any ad, and Google Performance Max campaigns are no exception. They can help your ad stand out in the crowded online advertising space and drive more engagement. Make sure that your visuals are clear, attention-grabbing, and of high quality. Use bright, eye-catching colors, and include images that are relevant to your product or service. This can help grab the attention of your target audience and encourage them to take action.


Create different aspect ratios: 


Make sure to consult the Google ads requirements for the different aspect ratios. Provide Google with as many as possible so it can dynamically choose from as many options as possible to show in your ads. Additionally, providing Google with all of the content you can will increase the quality scores of your ads. 

Use strong, concise copy:


 In addition to visuals, the copy in your ad is also important. Keep your copy concise and to-the-point, and use strong language that conveys the benefits of your product or service. Highlight what sets your product or service apart from the competition, and use action-oriented language that encourages your target audience to take action. For example, you might use language like “Get started now,” “Sign up today,” or “Try it for yourself.”


google ads creative

Do what Has Worked for your Competitors: 


Let your competitors do some of the work for you. Look at what an established competitor has done with their creative. Look at their website imagery, Facebook ad library etc. 


Build Niche Creative:


For one of our clients, we created different creative and landing pages for several verticals that would be interested in the product. We have creative for real estate agents, hair salons etc. If the budget allows, make the creative as specific as possible to really speak to your target user. 


Test, refine, and iterate:


 Finally, it’s important to continually test, refine, and iterate on your ads. This can help you optimize your campaigns for better performance, and ensure that you are getting the most out of your advertising budget. Try different strategies, analyze the data, and make changes based on what you learn. For example, you might try different headlines, visuals, or calls to action, and see which ones perform the best. Over time, this can help you continually improve your results and drive better returns from your Google Performance Max campaigns.

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