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Google Performance Max Placements [2023]

Google Performance Max Campaigns Placements- What’s Available? 



The various Google Performance Max Placements allows advertisers to select the platforms that are most likely to reach their target audience and achieve their advertising goals, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or generating leads and sales. This helps to optimize ad spend and achieve the best possible return on investment for the advertiser.

Google Search: Your ads can show up on Google search results pages for keywords that match your target audience.


Google Display Network: Your ads can be displayed across millions of websites and apps on the Google Display Network.


YouTube: Reach a large audience by placing ads on YouTube videos and channels, including in-stream and discovery ads.


Gmail: Make an impression in your audience’s inboxes with sponsored promotions that appear in Gmail.


Google Maps: Target local customers by placing ads on Google Maps.


Google Discover: Your ads can appear on the Google Discover feed.  Discover is a personalized feed of content and ads that shows up on the Google app and some websites.


Google Assistant: Reach users on Google Assistant, including on Google Home devices and mobile devices with the Google Assistant app, by placing ads there.


Benefits of each Placement: 


Google Search: 

Placing on high the Google search engine results is very important in a Google ads campaign.   One of the biggest advantages of using Google search ads is the ability to reach a highly targeted audience, as you can specify the keywords and demographics that you want your ad to appear in front of. Typically, Google ads reach your high- intent users- people who are searching for you and ready to buy. In Google Performance Max Campaigns, Google search is one of the most common placements. However, it is important to note that if you have a separate brand search campaign running, Google will show priority to that campaign. Meaning, if someone searches your brand, the branded search campaign will show up, not Performance Max. 


Google Display Network: 

Our agency doesn’t typically run Display Network ads. These campaigns are best for brand awareness. As an agency that specializes in advertising for ecommerce businesses, we prefer campaigns that are more likely to generate sales in volume. One of the key advantages of GDN is its large reach. It has access to millions of websites, videos, and apps that display ads to users. This means that your ad can be seen by a large and diverse audience. Increasing the chances of reaching potential customers. Additionally, GDN allows for a variety of ad formats, including image, video, and interactive ads. This can help to grab the attention of users and stand out on the page. 



YouTube is a great platform for Google Performance Max. This is one of the more frequent ones we see with our Google Performance Max campaigns placements. One of the biggest advantages of advertising on YouTube is its large and engaged user base. There are over two billion monthly active users who watch billions of hours of video content. This provides a vast audience for businesses to reach with their ads. YouTube ads come in a variety of formats, including skippable and non-skippable video ads, as well as display and overlay ads. This allows businesses to choose the format that best fits their goals and audience. 



One of the main benefits of running ads in Gmail  is high visibility. Gmail Ads are displayed directly in a user’s inbox, providing maximum exposure. Additionally, Gmail Ads offer flexibility in terms of ad format and placement, allowing you to choose from various sizes and placements to best suit your needs. This placement is a great option for Google Performance Max. 



Google Maps:

One of the main benefits of having ads placed on Google Maps is location targeting. Google Maps Ads allow you to target users based on their current location or desired destination, increasing the chances of reaching the right audience. This is great for local based businesses. Or if you have a product used for specific activities/ locations (ad for a towel when someone is driving to the beach).  Another benefit is high visibility, as Google Maps Ads are displayed directly on the maps interface, providing maximum exposure to users actively searching for nearby businesses. 




Google Discover: 

A big benefit of Google Discover ads is high visibility.  Google Discover Ads are displayed directly on the Discover feed, providing maximum exposure to users who are actively exploring and discovering new content. Additionally, Google Discover Ads offer a user-friendly format, with a focus on engaging visuals and storytelling. Making them an effective way to capture users’ attention and drive conversions. 


Google Assistant:

One of the main benefits of ads being placed against Google Assistant is voice-activated targeting. Google Assistant Ads allow you to target users based on their voice searches, increasing the chances of reaching the right audience. Another benefit is hands-free convenience, as Google Assistant Ads are accessed through voice commands, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. 


Google Performance Max campaigns leverage an AI bidding strategy to place your ad on the platform best suited for the user. It is important to provide Google with all the assets (copy, images and videos) available. 


It is possible to exclude specific ad placements on Google Performance Max. You can use the placement exclusion feature in your campaign settings to exclude placements that are not performing well or do not align with your advertising goals. This allows you to fine-tune your advertising strategy and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. Note that placement exclusions may impact your campaign’s reach and performance, so it’s important to regularly review your excluded placements and make changes as needed to ensure optimal results.


We do not recommend any platform exclusions from Google Performance Max placements. Allow Google to learn and find your audience with no exclusions for at least the first month of running the campaign. Adjust from there. 


google performance max campaigns for ecommerce businesses


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