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Google Shopping Ads [2023]

google shopping campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns-2023


Google Shopping Ads are a great option for ecommerce businesses, even in 2023! Read below to learn more about Google Shopping Ads and why we recommend them.

What is Google Shopping? 

Google Shopping is an online shopping service provided by Google that allows users to search for products and compare prices from various online retailers. It allows users to filter their search results by price, brand, and other criteria, and provides detailed product information, including images, reviews, and specifications. Users can also save products to a “shopping list” and receive price alerts for products they are interested in purchasing. The service can be accessed through the Google search engine or the Google Shopping website.

google shopping campaigns

Why We recommend Google Shopping Ads? 

Google is a popular starting point for many consumers when searching for products. Advertising on Google Shopping allows businesses to reach their potential customers at the moment they are searching for products. 


Google offers two types of ads: text-based Search Ads, which require manual input of ad copy and keywords, and Shopping Ads, which utilize Google’s algorithms to automatically display products from a business’s store and match them with relevant search queries.


 While setting up Shopping Ads may take more time initially, they require less ongoing effort compared to Search Ads and are less likely to result in a wasted ad budget. For these reasons, it is recommended for businesses to begin with Google Shopping.

google shopping ads

1. Google Shopping results display at the top of the page. Always. If you run shopping ads, it is easier for your product to be the first thing a user sees when they search for your product or something similar. 

Paid and organic search results show up much further down the page and are not as 

visual in nature. This draws less attention from the user and they are less likely to convert. 


2. Shopping ads are a way to visually display your products. For ecommerce brands…this is HUGE. Images are much more appealing and attractive to the user than words on a page. 

3. Google Shopping campaigns capture your highest intent users. Google shopping ads only show up 

How to Set up Google Shopping Ads


Create a Google Merchant Center account: This account will be used to manage your product listings and connect them to your Google Ads account.


Verify your website: Verify your website by adding a meta tag to your website’s HTML code or by uploading an HTML file to your website’s server.


Add your products: Add your products to your Merchant Center account by creating a product feed. This feed should include information about your products, such as the product name, price, and image.


Connect your Merchant Center account to your Google Ads account: This will allow you to create Shopping campaigns in Google Ads.


Create a Shopping campaign: In your Google Ads account, create a new campaign and select “Shopping” as the campaign type. Choose the product groups you want to promote, set your budget, and choose your targeting options.


Set up your product listing ads (PLAs): Create your ads by setting up ad groups and targeting options. Use high-quality images and detailed product descriptions to make your ads stand out.


Launch your campaign: Once you’ve set up your campaign and ad groups, you can launch your ads and start getting traffic to your website.


Monitor your campaign: Use the analytics and reporting tools in your Google Ads account to monitor the performance of your campaign and make adjustments as needed.


Note: Before you start creating Google Shopping Ads, make sure your website is fully functional and ready for sales, and that you have all the necessary legal requirements for your products.

google shopping

Are google shop campaigns still helpful now that Performance Max is out 

Google Performance Max are both advertising platforms provided by Google that allow businesses to promote their products on Google Shopping, Google Search, and more. While Performance Max is a more recent offering and has some additional features and capabilities, Google Shop Campaigns is still a valuable tool for businesses.


There are many differences between Google Shop Campaigns and Performance Max. A main one is that the latter is designed for larger advertisers and e-commerce businesses. Performance Max provides advanced features such as machine learning-driven optimization. Performance Max places ads on shopping as well. One might wonder if it is worth it to run shop campaigns at all.  However, Google Shop Campaigns is still a useful platform for small-to-medium businesses and can be used to drive sales and reach potential customers.


Another difference is that Performance Max utilizes Google’s Smart Shopping campaigns, which use machine learning to optimize campaigns and show ads across Google’s network. Google Shop Campaigns, on the other hand, is a more traditional campaign type, that allows for manual bidding and targeting.

Bottom Line

Both Google Shop Campaigns and Performance Max have their own unique benefits and can be used to achieve different advertising goals. These goals depend on the business needs and the size of the business. For example, Performance Max can be a great option for businesses that are looking for more advanced features and capabilities. Google Performance Max also shows up on Display, YouTube, Gmail and more. Performance Max also retargets users.  Google Shop Campaigns may be more suitable for businesses that are looking to show up exclusively on Google Shopping or have a more limited budget.

google performance max campaigns for ecommerce businesses

In summary,  Performance Max is a more recent offering that provides advanced features and capabilities. But Google Shop Campaigns is still a valuable tool for businesses. Both platforms can be used to drive sales and reach potential customers. Businesses should evaluate both options and decide which one is more suitable for their needs.

If you want to learn more about how Google Shop Ads can benefit your ecommerce business, reach out!

Click here to schedule a call and receive a free audit! 


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