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Why You Need A Social Media Strategy!

social media strategy

Social Media Strategy: demographic, tone, best practices differ from social media site to social site.


As social media strategy changes rapidly due to social audiences’ preferences and recent updates in social networking sites like Facebook’s algorithm change (including the drop-down box where users can now see relevant posts based on their interests), it is important for social media managers (SMM) and social media marketers (SMM) to stay abreast of the new social trends.
These social changes can benefit social media professionals, but it may be costly for SMMs or SMM companies that fail to update their social strategy through social media training and social marketing curriculum. For example, on Facebook’s social changes, social media strategist Sam McRoberts wrote in an article for Social Media Examiner, that “the shift in Facebook’s algorithm will affect social marketers across the board. This shift is likely to change social networking as we know it and social marketers need to be ready to adapt.”


This social shift can’t be predicted but there are a few ways social media marketing managers can update social strategy and social marketing through social media training.



          * Know your social audience – Create buyer personas to create social content that will be more effective on social media.
* Related: There is a new social trend of “dark social” (clicking links shared on Facebook, sharing social posts with social media instead of email, etc.) so social media professionals need to know social audience behavior on social channels.
* Know social content best practices – Learn social trends in social media training courses and keep up to date on social sites’ changes.
* Related: A new way to create effective social content is through social content curation.
* Tracking social analytics – Learning social analytics can help social media marketers understand social sites’ algorithm changes faster.
* Related: Social content marketing is another social trend, which entails using social media to create social awareness for products or brands.

With all these social trends, social media strategy is changing social media marketing. Social media managers can update social strategy through social media training and social marketing curriculum to keep up with the social changes in social sites’ algorithms and social audiences’ preferences.
Learn more about how to stay abreast of social changes, create effective content, track social analytics, and effectively market on social media through social media training and social marketing curriculum.

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