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[2022] Laundre Case Study – Local Business Google Ads Strategy

How a local business google ads strategy, created by Murray marketing team, helped a local business make a splash in San fransisco

This luxury laundry service needed a local business Google Ads strategy that was as unique and high end as them. Drawing on experience with other local businesses, Murray Marketing Team curated a unique Google Ads strategy that would work well for this brand. 

local business google ads strategy laundre


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Client overview- Laundré. Female-owned luxury laundry services.

Laundré is a luxury laundry service located in San Francisco, CA. It was founded by a Latin American woman who had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and provide high quality laundry services in the San Francisco area. 

Laundré offers the services of a typical laundromat where the customers can enter the building and do their laundry, or they can have their laundry picked up and dropped off. They offer laundry folding, and high end products to clean, soften and remove stains from clothes. Customers are drawn in by the convenience and safety of the pick up/ drop off service, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. They are also drawn to the clean and homey atmosphere the brick and mortar location offers. 

We were excited to partner with Laundré, an innovative and opulent take on a daily chore, that offers a convenient, quality service. Here’s how we implemented various Google extensions and specific Google targeting to raise awareness and increase online and physical store revenue. 

local business google ads strategy laundre

Marketing Strategy and Highlights

Our Google search campaigns were very successful for this client in particular because of a Google location extension. We aimed for ‘Laundré’ to show up on Google for everyone searching for a laundromat in the San Fransisco area. 

The Google Location extension worked so well because Laundré has many great Google my business reviews and great pictures uploaded by happy customers. Her reviews showed up for the ad when people would Google a laundromat and they would immediately see her reviews. This was our top performing ad. 

Tracking for this client was difficult because there was no tracking ability on the website. We communicated very closely with this client throughout the first month of our ads running. The owner was blown away. In the first month alone, Laundré 4X’s their sales. Their online service of picking up and delivering the laundry AND in person customers brought in 4X’s the typical revenue for a month. 

CTR that far exceeds Industry standard

The industry standard Click Through Rate for Google ads is 2%

This means, our ads found people who had a genuine interest in this service. They were more likely to click on the ad once they saw it than is typical for most ads on Google. 

CTR for certain key words

Our CTRs across the board were great. The client was thrilled with this metric.

As illustrated in this chart, the click-through-rates for all the key words listed were very high. The highest being for the key word Laundré, which makes sense. We received many clicks for ‘Pick Up Laundry’ which proves that our ads were showing up for people who had never heard of us and were simply looking for a laundry service. 

local business google ads strategy laundre

location Based extension

This is the extension that performed the best

As indicated in this image, there were 885 clicks on this extension, 16.5k impressions and a click-through-rate of 5%. All great metrics and means we put the ads in front of the right people.

local business google ads strategy laundre


Laundré needed a local business Google Ads strategy that would get people into their location as well as inform them about their unique pick up/ delivery laundry service. Murray Marketing Team did just that and was able to create big results from the beginning. The founder has been thrilled with the increase in customers and revenue and has plans to increase budget on ads and potentially open a new location. Since partnering with Murray Marketing team, Laundré saw…

  • A 4X increase in revenue in just the first month
  • 885 clicks on our Location Based extension
  • 267 calls from interested customers
We are excited to see what is coming in the future for Laundré and are honored to have partnered with and empowered a locally-owned, female-owned, and Latin-American-owned business! 

The google ad extensions that were successful for this local business

Google call extensions can really be useful in local business google ads strategy if used correctly and tactfully. here are some we leveraged to bring in more customers for Laundré’s laundry services.

Google location Extensions

this made it easy for our audience to get directions to the physical location.

google call extensions

google call extensions made the phone number easy to access and clickable!

Google Sitelink Extensions

We were able to easily direct the audience to the certain pages on our website we wanted them to see.

Google Callout Extensions

using this extension we were able to highlight key aspects of the business people would be interested in. One callout we used was "Pickup & Delivered To You Door"

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